Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Why are my Tuesdays always a bajillion times worse than my Mondays? It's been raining all day, which isn't too bad because it will make everything more green. But it's cold. And it's just a long day, with class going on all day and then doing work at night. And then I get an email tonight from this guy I was supposed to go out with tomorrow night telling me he's too exhausted and doesn't have time to date anyone and he hopes I'll understand. And I do. I seriously do. But why even start talking to me in the first place? Grr...that kind of stuff drives me nuts. On a happier note, though, I think I did pretty well on my French test. So yay there. And I finished homework early this morning, so I can read some Volf for a longer time tonight.

Had an awesome conversation tonight online with Michael Broughton. For those of you who don't know him, he was in ECF with me at WKU. Awesome guy. Funny as hell. Anyway, we were talking about the amazing sermon he's going to preach in a few weeks and he said something about the sanity of ECF. And I got to thinking about how churches really need to provide that for people...they are there to provide sanity in an insane world. And I think many churches preach that message, but they go about providing that sanity in the wrong ways. Our sanity isn't necessarily God's sanity. How do we give sanity to people? Not by providing a warm and fuzzy message to people telling them they're "in" with God and to just read more of their Bible and pray harder. It's all about loving others, in a really radical way. In an insane way even. Reaching sanity through insanity...

Peace ya'll

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daniel greeson said...

I agree with giving some kind of sanity given to this world through the church.
To escape the insanity and "madness of capitalism" as Dan Bell calls it.

I still need to read Volf's Exclusion and Embrace...