Monday, April 03, 2006


Welcome welcome welcome!!! So I tried this whole blog thing before, to no avail, so maybe this time around it will work. I don't really have too much in mind for what this is going to be...mostly my reflections on the day, my theological ponderings, and just some good ol' fashion fun. if there is such a thing. two shout outs for this blog: 1. jeff marcilliat gets initial responsibility for this blog's creation. He is my inspiration (for those who noticed, I know I've been switching between all lower case...I'm just too lazy to go back and change it). and 2. Daniel Greeson, sole brother and guy who keeps me from doing my homework extraordinaire. His blog is amazing, so hopefully mine will come somewhere close. Daniel, I love the typepad server, but I'm not paying 5 bucks a month. So alas, I am here where the freebie pages are. Woohoo!

Anywho...It is the start of a new week. A new chance to get everything done I need to get done. Or not (which is often the case). Next week is Holy Week, which should be especially interesting being at a new church. I'll post more tonight about my spring break and what happened, but for now I must depart and head to school. Happy Monday, everyone!!!


Jeff said...

Congratulations, Hilary. I know this is a big step! Don't worry about identity theft or strange people coming to your house asking for sizeable monetary donations. Both of the aforementioned do indeed happen, but it's all part of the fun. So go grab your stun gun, and let's get this party started!

I am a little alarmed, however, that you typed this at 5:17AM. But we'll talk about that another time. Speaking of alarm, I did not heed mine today, and here I sit at home while class is happening....oh well!! Have a good day.

Hilary said...

I would like to point out that I did NOT post this at 5:14 this morning...I apparently need to change the clock settings. It was more like 8 am.

daniel greeson said...

but typepad is so much better!
i used to use blogspot also..

have fun blogging